A Few Tips For Corporate Headshots

Your Best Look

  • What to wear: It's usually best to avoid white clothing. Darker tones are better for lighter skin, and lighter colors work well for darker skin. Solid colors photograph better than patterns or stripes. Also be sure to wear a clean pressed shirt with a stiff collar, avoiding wrinkled clothing.
  • How to accessorize: Less is more when it comes to jewelry and makeup. If you wear glasses most of the time, you're welcome to wear them. If you keep your hair short, get a haircut close to your session. If you keep a clean shave, shave as close to your session as possible, and check for extra growth on your ears, nose, eyebrows.


  • The day before: Eat healthy, drink plenty of water, and get a good night’s sleep.
  • The day of: Enjoy a long shower, listen to your favorite music—pretend you're on vacation!
  • Just before: Avoid wrinkles and stains by changing into your outfit after you get to your session, and bring two extra changes of clothing (at least an extra t-shirt/dress shirt/tie for the men, and an alternate bra/blouse/jacket for the women).


Why Choose You?

Over 20 years of experience as a portrait photography expert and a dedication to providing excellent photography sets us apart. A painless experience by being prepared and quickly able to identify and solve problems during your session. Onsite editing with real time proofing and collaboration is a big part of creating great results.

What is your creative Fee?

Creative Fee start at $200 . Let us provide you with a detailed quote base on your needs.

How do we retain your services ?

We require a $200 payment to reserve your appointment. Good planning and collaboration beforehand often produces the best results. Please refer to the prep guide and reach out if you have any questions.

What makes you different? Why should we hire you?

We collaborate with your after the photography and advise with the editing and presentation of your best images. Many photographer just charge a flat fee for a specific quantity of images and move onto the next client. We don't offer mini session , 15-20 min. sessions. Our committed artist on editing the best and offering recommendations of how best to present and display your portraits.

This take more time and

How do we select the best image(s)?

We collaborate during the session with on-site realtime proofing, We identify and fix issues, coach for desired expression to assure you knowing that you have a great headshot , no surprised .